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Welcome to the blog here at Amazaa and our very first post. So thought it would be an ideal opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves.

Our mission:
To do for shopping what google did for search.
To make the shopping experience on the internet transparent. 
To be the first destination for all of your online shopping experiences.
> And to offer this service throughout every country we possibly can on Earth.

Thus; Amazaa will become a website showcasing Earths Greatest Prices.
By collecting all the data supplied by our retail partners; we can offer so much value to every human being on the planet. 
You will be able to see the exact item you want, find unbiased information about the item you want; at the absolute best possible price on earth.

We want to deliver Value
We are so focused on delivering for you but we understand this will take some time. The website and its features, will be constantly in development. We are going to continuously build the site with new features once the foundations have been set. So please feel free to contact us with your thoughts, feedback, whether positive or negative is always welcome.  We are always willing to listen.
We hope you enjoy this journey with us. 

Team Amazaa

Amazaa ( Administrator )
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