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SEGA Mega Drive Mini - is this the best retro console of them all?

Let the Nostalgia Commence! 
We have had the NES. We have had the SNES. We also had the PlayStation Classic (Poor effort, Sony)
And now... the iconic SEGA Megadrive console returns in a slick, miniaturized form along with two classic 3-button control pads. 
SEGA Genesis Mini is ready to plug and play right out of the box.

The package includes:
Megadrive Mini Console; a cool looking thing indeed.
2 Wired Control Pads; 3 buttons instead of 6
USB Power Adapter
Power Cable
HDMI Cable; Wow a Megadrive with HDMi output?! Fantastic
Pre-loaded with 40 legendary Megadrive games; this is more than any other mini console. Excellent. 

The Games
I cant carry on without mentioning the games. Its a great selection;

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Alisia Dragoon, Altered Beast, Assault Suits Leynos! (Target Earth), Beyond Oasis, Castle of Illusion, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Columns, Comix Zone, Contra: Hard Corps, Darius MD, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Dynamite Headdy, Earthworm Jim, Ecco the Dolphin, Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Golden Axe, Gunstar Heroes, Landstalker, Langrisser II, Lord Monarch, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Monster World IV, Phantasy Star 4, Road Rash II, 
Shining Force, Shinobi 3, Slap Fight MD, Snow Bros, Sonic Spinball, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Space Harrier 2, Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition, Streets of Rage 2, Super Fantasy Zone, Tetris, Thunder Force 3, ToeJam & Earl, Vectorman, Wonder Boy in Monster World, World of Illusion.

No doubt some choices could of been improved on; its impossible to please everyone and you just cannot argue there is a highly stacked quality of titles in there. If you went on eBay and bought all these individually you would be looking at a tremendous cost. So in all; this is a great value device.

This product has been clearly handled by people that love the Sega Megadrive (also know as the Sega Genesis in USA.) The design of the console is awesome even down to tiny little features like the tray that would connect the MegaCD console to it can be removed. The volume slider goes up and down. These things dont do anything, however add to the overall feel. The design interface when turning the system on, fantastic. The layout of the menu system. The way you can filter the games based on release date or even view them side on as if they are on your shelf. These touches mean alot to the hardcore collectors and fans of the system. The games play great, all emulated well. I wont go into anymore detail here, just pop over to YouTube to see to what extent the developer of the console (M2) has done here. Its excellent. Instead i will go back in the past and let you know my thoughts on the actual console.

My Experience; back in the day
Ok i remember the launch. I remember back in the 90s when i first saw the MegaDrive playing Altered Beast. I had an Amiga. I wondered what an earth that little black box was. I didnt like it. I felt my Amiga was being threatened by something just as good, maybe even better for gaming. I ignored it. I instead, kept the Amiga and bought a SNES in 1992, with Street fighter 2. From here, i argued in the playground why the SNES was better than the Megadrive. A year passed, and still ignoring the Megadrive, i went for the Amiga CD32; enjoyed that for 2 years, then it was 1995 and the PlayStation. So; the Megadrive was always something i missed during its heyday. And when i play the games back now, i understand i missed out on some amazing experiences. Because of this, my house is now filled with hundreds of Megadrive, MegaCD and Saturn games. 

Mini Wars: Sega Megadrive Vs the Super Nintendo
If i had to pick between the two, i would opt for the SNES. Maybe its the game quality. Maybe its Super Mario Kart. Maybe its just nostalgia; the deep connection to the past. This is in no means taking anything away from the MegaDrive Mini. I would infact say, its a better tribute to the console infact the best tribute of any mini console, is this one the Megadrive. The extra effort M2 has put everything to do with the console is second to none.

And to Conclude
This is the best version of any Mini Console - bettering the NES and SNES from Nintendo. I only prefer the Super Nintendo for the reasons mentioned above and the links to my past; however in terms of value, design and selection of games you would have to say this is the best overall product on the market. Well done Sega and M2.

And to Buy
Here is the direct link to purchase the Mini Megadrive. Click. Buy. Save.


Amazaa ( Administrator )
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