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Is there a way to see price history on Amazon?

It’s getting closer to Christmas and i am sat here thinking possibly the same thing as many other people at this time of year; can you track prices on Amazon? If i can track prices i will really know an excellent offer from a good offer. Sometimes getting the best deal can be a frustrating and drawn out experience. The product your watching is reduced, but will it drop further? Do you wait, or do you buy now? Instead of checking Amazon daily waiting for a prices to move; let Amazaa do this work for you. It tracks prices on products you are interested in and sends you price alerts when products you want are reduced to a price you are comfortable in paying. So how do I check amazon price history for products?

To check the price history of any item on Amazon all you have to do is find the ASIN of an item, usually under the "Product details" section on the Amazon sku page. Also, for the sharp eyed, you will see the ASIN in the URL of the page also. Take this ASIN, copy and paste it into the search bar on Amazaa. This will bring up the sku on Amazaa where you will be able to check the price history for the product. Not only will you be able to see the Amazon price history for this item, you will also be able to view the price history from other retailers selling the same item also. 

Why do Amazon items change price?
Millions of items will change price daily due to supply and demand. Amazon, not only sells their own products but the majority of its sales now come from marketplace sellers, who are always moving prices up and down depending on what the market will pay for a product. A retailer can easily lose money on some products so sells these items through at a loss to re-invest into more profitable lines. It happens all the time and as consumers, we can get very lucky if we spot a great deal. Thankfully, the time of looking for great deals is no longer needed, thanks to Amazaa and its advanced price comparison engine.

What happens if Amazon price drops?
Ultimately it will be up to you to decide if you want to purchase the product at any price, however an easier way to make your decision would be to track the price history on Amazaa so you will be comfortable purchasing when you know the price is at its best. Furthermore; you can set up price alerts on the site so that when the price drops to a certain amount that you are comfortable with spending; you can be emailed and thus, take advantage of a great offer.

How do i get a price drop alert on Amazon?
To get an amazon price alert just find the product on Amazaa that you would like to price track (eg. by entering the ASIN into the search bar on the site) and then click on "Price Alert" where you will be able to enter your target price. Enter your email address to activate Price Alert.

Do you need a amazon price tracker app?
In a word, no you don’t. You just need Amazaa for amazon price comparison. Amazaa is the best price history checker in the UK and allows you to track not only Amazon skus but hundreds of other retailers also; in most cases selling the same item and thus; by shopping on Amazaa you can be confident you are getting the very best deal on the market. You want a UK Price Tracker? No problem.

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